Different Animal Classifications Pet Owners Need to Know About

Different Animal Classifications Pet Owners Need to Know About

Ideally, all animals must be free to wander and live in their natural environments. They must be able to raise their young and follow their instincts. Nevertheless, domesticated animals can not make it through on their own in our concrete jungle. These animals greatly depend on us for their general welfare.

The animals in this list specify the animals usually found in peoples’ homes that are not livestock or working animals. They provide their owners with both physical and emotional benefits. Some act as companions, helpers, or for entertainment.

Service Animals

These working animals are particularly trained to assist people with impairments. Service animals may also be referred to as assistance animals or helper animals. Dogs are one of the most typically utilized service animals. In other places of public accommodations in the United States, only dogs and miniature horses are allowed in some situations.

In the USA and Europe, the legislation permits service animals easy access to public facilities to assist disabled people. The service animals require extensive health care from comprehensive facilities; find out more about this animal hospital in Mandeville.

Categories of Service Animals

  • Guide animals for the blind
  • Hearing animals for the hearing impaired individuals
  • Service animals, which do work for disabilities aside from the loss of sight and hearing problems

Companion Animals

Probably companion animals enjoy more legal protections than other animals because they are typically treated as a family member. They must not be treated as pets; they’re different from mere pets. Although pets provide emotional support, the tenant doesn’t need it for clinical reasons. So a property owner may decline a tenant to have a pet in his property; however, he can not reject a companion animal.

Technically, the term refers to dogs and cats only, yet you may include horses, birds, and other animal varieties. Some counties and cities have ordinances giving protection to companion animals. They should have more than legal protections. As an owner, you have to provide methods to protect them against health issues.

If you want your companion animal to have optimal health, schedule it to regular check-ups, vaccinations, and proper grooming. Visit this website for more info about pet grooming. 

Exotic Pets

A loose definition of an exotic pet is not a dog, cat, or farm animal. Many animals can be categorized as exotic, like fish, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and pocket pets. Some exotic pet owners might also opt for bigger animals than those previously stated, such as pot-bellied pigs, kangaroos, primates, and others. Still, smaller-sized animal varieties like those frequently seen in pet stores are most popular.

If you consider maintaining an exotic pet, pick appropriate animals in your home that don’t require too much area. Stick to birds, fish, turtles, and pocket pets, these animals already have an established market, and it will be simpler for you to provide their essential needs, such as feeds and nutrition, shelters, and even boarding for exotic pets.

Nonetheless, the decision is all yours; go for it if you have the resources and capability and want to have the bigger ones.


Some definitions are usually used interchangeably, specifically among regular people. For example, the dog could be classified as a service and companion animal. Most people also consider their dogs as pets, though not exotic.

The lack of exact definitions of each term is why there is some confusion. For example, some people would peddle exotic animals in the black market, and after that, the buyer would later discover that it’s unlawful to own that animal.

As an animal owner, you are accountable for taking care of them, no matter their functions, such as being used for service, friendship, or as pets. You need to know the ordinances as well in your locality. All these animals should have proper care, it doesn’t make them less important than others whether they provide service, friendship, or you’re just maintaining them as pets.

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