Common Places Water Leaks in Your Home

In extreme weather, like heavy rain or flooding, hiring professionals to get rid of water from your office or home is necessary. Weather forecasts can inform us to take action to protect our families or ourselves, but we can not always provide the same level of protection to our homes or companies.

Costly repairs are not always the cause of floods, they can also be the effects of our own negligence in keeping our property. Therefore, don’t wait for a storm to give you an excuse to take preventative measures regarding the potentially serious damages caused by rain or floodings.

Places to Check for a Possible Water Leak

Did you know that neglecting specific areas of your home’s plumbing can lead to water removal expenses that are just as high, if not higher, than those caused by the weather? By following the free suggestions below, you can avoid paying the high costs of hiring professionals to restore your home or business areas. Moreover, knowing to check for signs of leaks around your house frequently will not only save you money but may also prevent you from spending any at all.

1. Bathrooms and Kitchens

Check the caulking around the edges of sinks and bathtubs frequently to see whether it needs to be fixed. Water might be leaking between your countertop, cabinets, and even into the flooring without your knowledge, causing mold to grow and perhaps completely damaging the woodwork. Click this link to find the professional to help you.

2. Laundry Rooms

Inspect the hoses of your washing machine for cracks, bulges, and tears. Change the hose if you discover any signs of wear. Hoses must be changed every three to five years in most cases.

3. Water Heaters

Most heaters usually last between eight to fifteen years before breaking down. However, even if your heater is relatively new, make sure to check it for signs of rust. Also, ensure that a drain is placed near the base to minimize damage in case of a leak.

4. Roofs or Gutters

A mold problem can be a significant concern if your roof or gutters aren’t kept clean. Eliminate any debris from these places, such as branches and leaves, because these can catch moisture and produce a great environment for mold to develop. Visit mold removal Lincolnia to find the best mold removal services.

5. Hidden Leaks

Switch off all plumbing-dependent devices in your home, and don’t flush the toilet for an hour. Then, outside your home, check the water meter to determine any flow throughout this time. There could be a leak somewhere if that’s the case. Visit PuroClean Alexandria for more information about water damage restoration.


Taking the effort to seek and avoid leaks around your home may end up costing you only time and effort. However, paying attention to them and solving the problem right away will save you a lot of money if water removal is required.

However, taking preventative actions and doing monthly leak inspections around your home might not always be enough, as the weather can catch us completely off guard. In case of flash flooding or heavy rainstorms, call the assistance of specialists that have the skills and equipment necessary to drain the saturation from your home and prevent permanent damages.

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